Broken Windows: The Impact to your Business

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A broken window on your commercial premises can be a real ‘pane point’ for your company. From potential insurance disputes to high costs of repair, it sometimes feels like a quick-fix for broken glass, hinges or locks will save everyone a lot of hassle.

Unfortunately, this approach leaves a window of opportunity for criminal damage, further negligence by your own staff and a shattered reputation among your customers.

The Theory Behind Broken Windows

A clever bunch of sociologists in the 1980s came up with the Broken Windows Theory – a terrifying social analogy that would scare anyone who is thinking of putting up with a broken window on their premises. The main idea is that just one broken window in a shop; home; hotel or public facility will almost certainly become two, three or four if left unattended – resulting not only in the rapid deterioration of the property itself, but a negative change in the way that people in the wider community behave around it.

A broken window (or any other damage to your premises) gives the impression of neglect to anyone who sees it – whether it’s staff, customers or passers-by – who quickly jump to the conclusion that there is little or no harm done in any further harm being caused, to either the individual property or its surroundings in general. Whether you apply this logic to a declining neighbourhood or your own business, the fact is that neglecting minor disrepair can dramatically change your staff’s attitude towards other health and safety issues, as well as encouraging negative behaviour from customers.

This means that not only is your broken window an open invitation for an attempted break-in to your property, but the way your potential customers and staff perceive your attitude towards safety could be the start of a real downward spiral for your business. It’s therefore worth stopping to think twice about the costs a broken window can pose to your company before you simply reach for the gaffer tape.

Smashed window

A Clear View on the Costs of Broken Windows

Think about people who use your premises day-in, day-out. Customers want to feel secure around your property, especially on premises such as leisure centres or supermarkets where they are likely to bring their children – or not, if they don’t feel it’s safe. Holidaymakers also hold safety in equally high regard, and you’ll soon find out from the online reviews if your relaxed attitude towards security is stopping your guests from unwinding.

Your insurance company will also be delighted if you suffer a break-in and they find out you don’t have proper window security in place. Invalidating your insurance cover doesn’t only apply to unrepaired window damage – your policy will most likely specify a minimum standard for the locks and other security measures installed, so taking the right precautions is just as important.

Therefore, while it’s important to deal with any window breakages that do occur, there are some extremely effective methods for preventing it from happening in the first place.

Our Solution

We’ve come up with an easy-to-use, budget security solution to provide an excellent deterrent to thieves and vandals, while protecting your property and giving your staff and customers a vital sense of security.

Removable Window BarsRemovable Bars are an award-winning, flexible window-bar system, featuring anti-cut steel window bars which can be securely locked into position, but easily released within seconds to enable access for window cleaning, maintenance, or to allow complete vision.

As with traditional security grille solutions, the Removable Bars act as a strong a visual deterrent, but their simple installation and locking system provide flexibility without compromising on security.

To find out more about the right window security for your windows, speak to one of our specialists on 0161 413 0766 or send an email.

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