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Retractable Window Grilles


Available in both standard and insurance approved options, the grilles offer a stylish yet strong, physical barrier to protect your business premises or home from break-ins.

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Roller Shutters

Available in a range of styles and finishes including steel and aluminium, as well as sound Insulated and fire rated versions, roller shutters offer maximum window and door security.

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Removable Window Bars

The ideal security solution for domestic and commercial applications, the window bars can be easily released from the inside to allow easy access for maintenance and visibility.

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Crimeshield provides protection for windows against vandalism, through a sturdy, perforated metal screen, which is mounted in front of glass in windows or doors.

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300 times stronger than ordinary glass, scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable, Hammerglass provides excellent protection and is almost indistinguishable from ordinary glass.

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Hammerglass Window Guard

Hammerglass Window Guard

Hammerglass Window Guard is a specially coated, polycarbonate sheet, which is scratch resistant and secured within steel or aluminium weatherproof frames.

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Vandal Shield

Manufactured from a galvanised steel mesh housed in a reinforced aluminium frame, it provides top of the line protection to windows from attempted break-ins and vandalism.

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Fixed Window Bars

Manufactured from high quality steel, they can be fitted internally or externally, horizontally or vertically and provide a strong, durable deterrent to would-be thieves.

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